Zip Tape

After  a weekend full of parties, cultural explorations or work (yes, we have our hands full with the new ILB headquarters) we decided to start the week with something easy on the eyes. So when we where browsing the world wide web and stumbled onto the site of graphic designer Benoit Lemoine, we had an a-ha moment when viewing his Zip Tape project!

Keeping our surreal art-history in mind, we look at this tape project with a big smile on our face. This Zip Tape shows, once more, that a simple idea can be a very good one! Although it may take some practice to place the tape in the public eye, we're sure it will result into instant happiness.

We have one point of advice for Benoit: start a Zip Tape tagging group because we're convinced that this tape should be all over Belgium! Let's unzip one of the Atomium balls, zip the grand place square and give Manneken Pis a proper zipper!

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