Zeb Daemen Photography

Antwerp based fashion photographer Zeb Daemen is only 26 years old and already on top of his game! Shooting for magazines such as Le Vif Weekend, Mercken magazine and ILOVEFAKE magzine he's building up a portfolio that screams Vogue, V mag and Jalouse.

Although Zeb's childhood dream was becoming a Disney Studio Animator, his drawing fascination changed when fooling around with his parent's camera. Hanging out with Fashion Academy students and shooting their projects, he realized that his future was in high-end fashion photography. Still he kept true to Disney like elements in his photography going from dreamy colours to breath taking backdrops.

It's not only the beauty of the picture but also the storytelling that takes attention. A joint effort of stylists, make-up artist, designers and models builds up a world that's just irresistible to look at. Being it an alienesque visit, a Wednesday Addams adaptation or a fetish burglin; Zeb brings all these elements together with an incomparable ease.

Get out of the way Steven Meisel, Zeb Daemen has arrived!

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