You're a DOLL

Can you hand over my pill box? You're a doll". Do these words ring a bell? Grandfathers and grandmothers all over the world use these exact phrases to keep their general health going. We all know these less-then-exiting organizers: cheap-looking, industrial plastic containers who help with the organization, timing and intake of pills. That's why designer Quentin de Coster reinvented the pill box for an everyday use of medication in a fun and logical way!

His design? DOLL is a daily pill container composed of a beech base and three plastic cups. When lifting a tumbler, you discover pills lodged in the cavity of the underneath container. Different pieces fit together like a Matryoshka dolls, which immediately explains the title.  These dolls protect the drugs and therefore become a sort of sacral health symbols. Due to its trans-generational aesthetic, DOLL doesn't stigmatize the elderly, instead it becomes a desirable object within the room.

As the number of people older than 65 will double to 14 percent from 7 percent of the world’s population in the next 30 years, rising to 1.4 billion elderly we expect that the design of Quentin will do quite well! You can call it medical design, social design or service design... we prefer to call it good design! Or how aesthetics, function and usefulness can go hand in hand!

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