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Wooden Tunnel

Architect Olivier Vitry, developed a phenomenal concept for transforming an ordinary car park in Fleurus into a contemporary and luminous design. How did he do it? Olivier used a typical Belgian townhouse as a car-park entrance by accentuating the facade to differentiate and grab attention form its neighboring buildings.

The sculptural, even poetic, entrance leads you to the actual parking behind the townhouse building. To tease the passer-by Olivier gutted the townhouse structure and designed a monumental wooden wall/ceiling, with light wooden stalts curving upwards. From the outside the three-storage townhouse is designed with with huge windows to capture a lot of natural light while providing a see-through effect. The wooden trim details around the windows even create a sort of clerestory effect. It's a very clean and simple architectural design, but yet very capturing to the eye. 

The contrasting materials, antracite-colored concrete and natural wood, stand out and makes you want to pull over when driving by. A perfect poetical concept for a world where cars are still around and need space to park.   

Don't know what to visit in this Wallonian village? Olivier'scar park is definitely a worthy visit, plus you can immediately park your car there! How handy...

Pictures by Maxime Delvaux

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