The Window House

18 huge windows in total. Yes, that's what we like to call a Window House. It were architects de vylder vinck taillieu who started conceptualizing on a plot with trees and a little gingerbread house on the edge of the site. They decided to leave the ground untouched and made the building a part of the whole. The wood runs through, around, and in the house.

And they went far in their "nature "approach. A foundation on wells ensures that the tree roots can go their own way freely underneath the house. Also notice that the building can distance itself and look back at itself through the wood. Pretty cool if you ask us! Off course this has  to do with the fact that the facade is made up of wall-sized windows.

These windows both mark and cancel out the transition between outside and inside. Construction wise, one window is on top of another; the kink is emphasised by the thickness of the next window-frame. Inside you find a concrete interior with touches of wood. How refreshing it must be to sit in the enclosed patio and still be able to see the other side of the forest. We love it!

Pictures by Filip Dujardin

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