The Weeping House

A weeping house in the middle of the street. That was the phenomenon Antwerp woke up to in the beginning of march. The house didn't remain unnoticed and people started wondering whether it was profound street art or a cleaver way to advertise?

After some time and a complete facelift, the 3 huge led-screens displayed the answer: thanks to the help of the AXA bank renovation loan, the house could smile again. So who came up with the idea of a sad house that , literally, starts crying? Of course, it had to be Belgian based, yet world renowned communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem. Their portfolio includes adverts where they creatively use a bullying children's choir in a shopping mall or a cinema theatre filled with bikers and only 2 seats left....

Just like their other campaigns, this one went viral. During the first few days there was a buzz on social media and newspapers dedicated articles to it! So, not a bad decision from AXA bank to pay a visit to the Duval Guillaume headquarters. Enjoy the little movie!

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