Weekend Find - A Titanium Rock

Who says diamonds are girl's best friend? According to the design duo Kim & Caroline of DAMN, men shouldn't be deprived from the joy of owning a diamond! That's why DAMN designed a 3D printed titanium brooch. A perfect perfect example  of how Kim and Carline approach their designs.

“A Titanium Rock” brings new meaning to the traditional breast-pocket handkerchief. They do this by uniting thoughts and feelings while being inspired by the charming elements of the obvious. Bringing little moments of happiness in everyday life. They take a walk with perception while adding a touch of bliss to expression.

The story of the brooch began with the fascination for a precious diamond, its emotional value and beautiful geometric shape – almost invisible for the eye. The girls added a little twist by magnifying its scale, which gives it a whole new dimension. This playful and crafted inventiveness leads them to new and often daring explorations.

A true weekend discovery!

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