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You may have noticed, but we had quite some rain in the past few months. Instead of seeing sun we had the joy of welcoming drops of water on a daily base. And although we may complain about it, it also gave us inspiration to talk about a newly build water tower. Mostly build in the 20th century, these vertical construction become iconic landmarks and shape their surrounding landscapes.

So it’s quite interesting that Brussels-based architecture firm V+ recently created a water tower in the green surroundings of the small village Ghlin. But how do you start on placing a fairly large structure within a flat natural landscape? First of all: listen to your client desires! This was quite clear: seize this rare moment, the construction of a new water tower, to create a landmark.

How did they reply to this demand? Aside from the general requirements - a circular vat standing on a platform at a
height of 50m – they created a supporting structure formed by an X and a V shape cast out of concrete. This way the 2000m3 vat does not represent a continuation of the structure but rather an independent structure resting on an iconic support. After this they concealed the water tank behind a metal mesh that helps the volume appear lighter.

The result? Rather then having a heavy imposing structure, they created a fragility that is unusual for the strict world of engineering. It casts a dynamic figure that can be observed in a variety of challenging ways by the users of the nearby canal and motorway. Did you already spot it?

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