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Wafourou, letterpress heaven

Wafourou is the letterpress design studio in Brussels.Before we begin to tell you about this adorable little studio we will start by explaining the concept of letterpress printing. Letterpress is an old printing technique that dates back to the 15th century and it was at the time the only technique for mass production of printing goods.  The letterpress printing, relief surfaces are inked and then pressed against the paper to realize the impression. Every printed good is unique and with a certain amount of originality and human touch to it, in contrast to digital printing.     

Wafourou letterpress-lab works as a studio of graphic design and printing where creativity and originality always come in first hand and productivity in second. The focus is on craftsmanship and to print beautiful and unique pieces. The studio offers services such as printing of personal invitations, personalized stationery, business cards etc and the studio takes care of the whole process from from idea to finished product. One of their hit products are their unique wedding invitations. Instead of going to a random printer where you can choose between 25 standard themes, colors and fonts, you can create something you and your guests will remember.  After all, this is your only (hopefully) wedding and something you want to remember for the rest of your life, so why not go all the way?    

Concluding remark #1:  Swing by the Wafourou boutique at rue de Berger 30 – 1050 Brussels     
Concluding remark #2:  Visit their website for more information     
Concluding remark #3:  Get inspiration from their blog

Underneath examples of wedding invitations will convince even the most cold-hearted person into getting married.

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