The Waffle Chair

I Love Belgium promotes Belgian culture but wants to stay away from Belgian stereotypes. But if these stereotypes have elaborated in such way that they become interesting again, than we can’t wait to tell it to the rest of the world.
The Waffle Chair by Lambert Kamps is the perfect example. The chair, spotted on the roof top terrace of the scuola politecnica di design during the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair has a twofold function (sic).
The left chair has a heating element and actually makes waffles. The right chair produces its own waffle formed pillows by pouring in a synthetic material. When asked why he made this chair, the designer simply answered: “I just love waffles”. And the I Love Belgium team loves waffles too. And Dutch design with a Belgian touch. If you would happen to be in Brussels and you love waffles, go and try them at this place.

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