The Wabbes revival

For the last few years Jules Wabbes (1919-1974) was high-up there on the vintage list for international design dealers. As a result his original designs reached astronomical heights in price and desirability. That's why the premier representative of  Belgian design in the 1960s and 70s is currently re-edited by Belgian design-house Bulo, lightning house Wever & Ducré and carpet house Bic-Carpets.

Initially an antiques dealer and decorator, in the 1950s he designed the interior for several Sabena aircrafts. A series of interior design commissions followed, including the International Science Hall at the Brussels Universal Exhibition, the royal couple’s apartment on board the Belgian marine ship Godetia and the offices of the Crédit Communal or the Générale de Banque.

A lover of beautiful materials, he created desks, tables, bookcases, mobile furniture, storage furniture, lamps and seating, in addition to the furniture Wabbes had made to measure or adapted for customers who commissioned him to fit out their interiors: beds, lights, door handles. All these different designs could be ordered in different sizes, materials or finishes. These were the foundations  of the international reputation of his designs, designs of simple form and timeless elegance.

We don't say the re-editions are cheap, but they will save you some money if you want to invest in timeless and elegant classic. And let's be honest, aren't you tired of seeing Vitra designs and Kartell everywhere...

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