Volume Play by Rauw

The most pronounced word in architecture? We guess it must be volumes ... whether it is in volumes studies, interior volumes or cubic metre. Architecture office Rauw (translates as raw) played with volume in its purest form. The all-round functional building was created for a communication/graphic design office. Gradually this volume will be transformed into a family dwelling.

Although having an strong visual representation for the office, the architects had to take into account needs such as privacy for the soon-to-be family house. They answered this demand by clearly dividing the volumes. Just like the neighbouring houses, this stand-alone volume is clearly readable. The front volume holds functions such as garage space and meeting rooms. An aspect visually reinforced by the monolith, sculptured volume with an closed, dark character.

Towards the back, the house opens up. Gradually climbing up to a second floor level, the highest volume is used as office space or sleeping rooms, while the in-between and most open level can be used as open office space or living space.  This is also the level which gives out on the terrace and slant roof garden.

It's not the most easy house to understand, but once you get the volumes and circulation, you'll see the cleverness of it! Fixing the rhythm of the house without defining the function of the space. We like!

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