Volume Play

Ghent based architecture office GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten recently completed a smartly designed private house with practice for a physiotherapist. Known for their minimalistic, black and white architecture, architects Koen and Basile (both Sint-Lucas Ghent graduates) pleasantly surprised the I Love Belgium team with this energetic volume play!

The house exists out of two levels composed from nine rectangular volumes. These stacked volumes (five downstairs, four upstairs) are placed in such a way that they overlap, giving the house an instant Duplo-like appearance. At the street side, windows are smartly placed in the sides of the volumes, giving the owners full privacy without blocking out the sun. Towards the garden, wall sized windows bring sunlight into the minimalistic interior.

As a result of having the terraces and living spaces upstairs, beautiful panoramic views on Mullem (a pittoresk village village at the end of the world) are freely provided. Who wants more? Well, we know the architects want an awards as this project is nominated for an Ecola Award (for their use of plaster). We're crossing our fingers!

Pictures by Luc Roymans

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