Villa Dirickz

We know, we know, normally the I Love Belgium team writes about the "new" and "happening". But sometimes we're tending towards the old and established. That's why we feel like talking about Villa Dirickz today, one of the finest examples of Modernism in Belgian architecture. Designed in the early thirties by architect Marcel Leborgne this villa, located in the green surrounding of Brussels, should be called a modern castle!

Marcel Leborgne designed this villa for Mr. Dirickz, the director of the Forges de Clabecq, an iron and steel factory, who loved art, theatre and a glittering lifestyle. Marcel Leborgne designed a veritable palace for him and the construction was probably planned to begin in 1929 and finish before 1935.

The Villa Dirickz forms a virtual cube in which the architect has played with forms to produce a homogenous agglomeration of geometrical volumes. The Villa, after a period in which had fallen into a state of severe disrepair, was bought in 2007  and resold in 2009 after a huge and meticulous renovation.

The 10,700 square-foot villa sits on a 5 acres lot, has 4,300 square feet of terrace. So the I Love Belgium team hopes that the person who bought this villa has a lot of friends for sleepovers, otherwise it can get lonely. The only thing we dislike about this jewel? The furniture, not really our cup of tea and ill-fitting with the history of the villa...

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