Villa ARRA

Nicolas Firket Architects is a Brussels based agency that focuses on Architectural and Urban design as cultural disciplines with fundamentally prospective natures. A perfect example of this is one of their first realisations Villa ARRA: a single family house located in Bellaire, near Liège.

This young architecture office was established in 2006 by a former OMA / Rem Koolhaas associate, the office’s long term aspiration lays in the valorisation of a Brussels-based European identity fostering significant international collaborations.

In an era of mediated architecture, NFA aims to restore the act of construction as medium. After 4 years of existence and numerous projects, 2010 is the achievement of two important realisations: “Villa ARRA” and “House in LH” respectively in Liège and Brussels. We're presenting the first one today.

But don't worry, we will show more! The I Love Belgium team fell in love and will follow this young talented office with great dedication! To continue...

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