VII Sept-Bruxelles

VII Sept-Bruxelles through the Nationa(a)l Store, a pop-up project by two Belgian-lovers last year in December. A quirky pineapple-shape handbag caught our eye. What was it? Who was this? It was Sept Bruxelles, the accessory label created by Cécile De Jaegher.

Cécile graduated from the Royal Academy of fine Arts in Antwerp. She has worked for designers such as Jean-Paul Knott, or the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. In 2007 she started her own accessory brand: VII Sept Bruxelles, a cheerful answer to the need of various handbags to wear at very different occasions, always respecting the need of joy and beauty, of quality and creativity. The name of the brand has been chosen to emphasize the local production in Brussels and to celebrate number VII being the designers lucky number, as she is the seventh child of a family of seven.

We do not only love the brand because of their surreal designs (there's not only the pineapple handbag but also the matryoshka doll handbag, the banana bag and even the chicken bag) but we love them even more because the handbags are entirely made in Belgium while the paintings are done by hand in their studio in Brussels. They consider themselves not driven by profit, and they want their success to come from the love of the work, the respect of the people they work with and the quality of the materials that are used. A very contemporary way of doing business, the I Love Belgium team can only applaud.

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