Vandewiele house by Barak

When contemporary architecture is applied on family housing you have a 99% percent change of endless, minimalist cold white walls. This is not the case with the Vandewiele house by the Ghent-based architecture office Barak.

Barak (which is a Flemish dialect word for shed) confronts the protective outside of the building with the elementary building block of every house: the room. In this way Barak tries to generate an original architecture that is intended as a counterbalance to the smooth, minimalist 'quality architecture' that has defined the architectural scene in recent years.

In this case the Barak's vision comes alive through the use of OSB board. Architects Carl Bourgeois and Tijl Vanmeirhaeghe add certain warmth to this house by applying this cheap material without interruption. Add the surprising furniture mix of the owners and you end up with a stylish interior, which wasn't intended to be one

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