Valentine's Drawings

When we first laid eyes on the drawings of Brussels based illustrator Valentine De Cort, an instant childhood-like feeling prevailed. The soft colours, line drawings, sense of humour and playfulness catapults you back to a place where time passes slowly and worries are inexistant.

And it's seems that we are not the only ones who appreciate Valentine's style! Established houses such as Delvaux and Nespresso called upon the talent of Valentine to illustrate their latest products. On the other hand, you have people who commission Valentine to conceptualize and work out magnificent illustrations for life's special moments.

And let's not forget about "Little Baldwin"! This capsule collection titled small faces, exist out of a cuff links and a pendant made out of old Belgian currency. Valentine uses the old 1 francs which depict the face of our previous king, Baudouin the first. A cut-out of the king's face is used for the pendant, while two francs (one Flemish and one French) are mounted on silver backs for the cuff links!

How more I Love Belgium could you possible be? We love it!

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