For Use/Numen at Z33

Maybe you remember the transparent walk-in tape installations of Austrian design office For Use/Numen...? If not, don't worry! Hasselt based design and contemporary art house Z33 commissioned a new "climb in" installation called NET.

Unlike their other transparent tape projects, this one consists of flexible nets suspended in the air forming a floating "landscape". This landscape, open for visitors to climb in and explore, transforms as people move around inside. The installation resembles biomorphic architecture and urban utopias of former decades. And it's a green project! Unlike the thousands meters of transparent tape waste, they will be able to reuse the net in other installations.

If you are planning on climbing this exhibition, which runs from 3 July to 2 October, then get yourself a spiderman costume and let loose your inner child! Wonder how they got it up there? Well, just click here and you'll find out.

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