Urban Landscape Installations

Site-specific interventions, installations and constructions that generate a mutual reaction with their environment... That's what we're talking about! Gijs Van Vaerenbergh exists out of two creative minds: Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout van Vaerenbergh whose artistic practice is devoted to a research into the fundaments of construction and their impact on the spectator. The I Love Belgium team selected two projects so you can see what we're talking about!

We start with an installation in the heart of Brussels: Spin Off. Over the course of two days, two cherry pickers were placed on both sides of the Dansaertstreet. At random moments during the day and evening, the cherry pickers were conducted to execute a choreography of which the passers-by were the spectators. In doing so, the two machines took on different positions, causing several figures to take shape, ranging from a literal ‘gate’ to insect- or spiderlike forms, with the arms of the cherry pickers as legs and the joined buckets as head.

The second one is in the city of Leuven: Skylight. This project literally sheds a different light on the station area, which is the most important gateway to the city, and since its recent transformation the second centre of Leuven. At the end of the tower crane that was used for construction a series of lamps are attached. Through this intervention the crane will be transformed into an enormous street light that makes the station area bathe in a bright white light. From afar, Skylight became a temporary landmark in the city.

We love the idea of transforming temporary, yet everyday urban elements into conversation pieces. Unlucky for us, all of the project are temporary. So we can just pray for one which stays in place! Until then, we've added some pictures and movies to fulfil you visual needs!

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