Urban Jewellery

How do you reinvent something? You take it out of its context and you blow it up! That's what designer Liesbeth Bussche did with her urban jewellery project. Small interventions to the street scape transformed street dividers and concrete balls into a charm to a chain or earring backs to a concrete ball.

Liesbet whipped up a collection of super sized beauties for an entirely different sort of clientèle: the streets of Amsterdam. Resulting in jewellery that easily make any passer-by smile upon finding a serendipitous change in the uniform vocabulary of the urban landscape.

Concrete balls became black-pearl earrings, warning tape is made of woven red and white beads and a construction site is transformed into an oversized pearl chain with a spring ring necklace clasp. And although these elements are blown up, a meticulous attention to detail is still present!

But Liesbet, we have one remark... As a Belgian designer we want to urge you to make propositions to the local Belgian city councils as we want your work spread over our little country. We love it!

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