Urban Canvas

Simple Present, that's the title of photographer Bert Danckaert's latest series. A range of images depicting the beauty of the stylized, composed, textured and controlled. While all of the elements present on the picture stay far away from the above mentioned terms, Bert knows how to turn them into paint-like images. Gritty bricks, faded paint jobs, rusted steel and polluting plastic turn, through his lens, into compositions which have noting to do with clichés, documentation or picturesque scenery.

Istanbul, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Havana are just a few of the many places Bert visited to observe the beauty of the anonymous urban. And although some elements within the pictures can reveal a sense of locations, the image itself takes it back to an imaginary world. A world where the simplicity turns into the complex, the 2d image into an imaginary 3D theatre stage. Not strange if you know that Bert is not only a photographer. Next to his teaching job at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Bert picks up his pen to write a novel or a critical piece about photography.

The I Love Belgium team made a small selection of his Simple Present series, but don't let that stop you to have a look at the 100 images on his site! Enjoy

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