Unforseen Architecture

Back in 2006, architect engineer Peter Van Impe searched a place for his newly founded architects-engineer office titled AST 77 (Peter was born in 1977). As a result he stumbled upon an after-war terraced house located at the edge of the city park of Tienen (a city in Flemish-Brabant). After some research Peter got confirmation that this plot, of just 60 square meters, was usable for construction. Although never considers as a usable plot, Peter transformed it into a spacious house/office following the less is more principle!

The new-built house is an example of house each square meter is used to the fullest. The façade exists out of wall-high window panels, which can be fully opened when the sun's out. Inside, a black steel perforated staircase connects office and living spaces while keeping and reinforcing the transparency-principle of the house.

Whereas the office is made up of a black and white colour scheme, the living spaces uses warmer elements such as bamboo wood. The walls are grey painted concrete building blocks which slightly change colours towards the incidence of light. The bed and bathroom are placed on the highest level, which also includes a roof terrace with view on the park. Who needs more?

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