Truck by Laetita Bica for Jean-Paul Lespagnard

We've been expresing our love for Jean-Paul Lespagnard's work for quite some time. It's just the fact that he's an all round visual artist and not only a fashion designer. He's a genius in creating a certain atmosphere and that's certainly why he is also a great fashion designer.

His Fall-Winter 2012 collection (that has never been produced unfortunately), inspired photographer Laetitia Bica to produce a special video called Truck, a direct reference to Lespagnard's FW12 collection titled I Could Be Yours!

The collection is based on a story about a bourgeois lady walking on a road through the forest at dawn. There she encounters a Japanese Dekotora Truck and it’s love at first sight! The dekotora, an abbreviation for decoration truck, is a kind of decorated truck most commonly found in Japan. They have neon or coloured lights, extravagant paints, and shiny metal or golden exterior parts. These decorations can be found on both the cab and the trailer, not only on the exterior but also the interior, where truckers usually use baroque fabrics and crystal lamps.

We could go on and on about the choice of music, perfect casting and scene setting but we'll let you witness it yourself. Enjoy!



Director and DOP by Laetitia Bica
chief operator : Leslie Artamonow
Montage by Leslie Artamonow
Technique light by Didier Verheyden
Technique video projection : Benjamin Bauwens
Visual video by Dirty monitor
Regie : Jessica Amico
Styling by Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Assistant styling : Jean-Gabriel Francini
Models : Eliza Sys, Chevali Inghels and Tine Marteens
Hair and make up : Orla McKeating and Charline Vanderweeën

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