Transparent living

When we first laid our eyes upon this one story house, we had a flashback to the case study houses program. The clear lines, opens spaces, glass curtain walls and the patio worked as immediate references. It was architecture firm hvh-architecten who designed this elegant house upon an elongated building plot.

At the start of the project, and by request of the client, the architects immediately included landscape designer Patrick Verbruggen to integrate the house fully into its surroundings. Within the architecture this translated into a glass-walled one story floor plan which allows the exterior to be present at any time. The stretched volume of the house is divided by internal patios. These patios don't only divide the functions of the house but also serves as a orientation points within the house.

Inside you have slick white interiors which contrast the black brick used outside. The house is also richly surrounded by water elements, being it the pool or the minimalistic pond. Yes, this house is clearly an example for the perfect balance between in-and outside! We love it. And just like the Case Study Houses were captured by legendary photographer Julius Shulman, here the beautiful pictures were taken by Tim Van de Velde.

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