Toying With Design

Bold colours, retro designs, and just the right amount of humour make up Toy Factory's eye-catching aesthetic.  Since 2003, Sam De Buysscher has been recreating and reworking the ambiance of old advertisements from Antwerp's toy industry.  Reminiscent of 1950's cartoons like Astro Boy, his illustrations are full of the same elements for a light-hearted, whimsical feel with a modern twist. De Buysscher's ability to pack so much powerful imagery into a seemingly comical design is uncanny.  His "Don't Drink and Drive" mural shows what appears to be a vintage style robot with his limbs disconnecting with wires and springs holding it together.  It's amusing yet has a strong meaning behind it.  

His pieces can be seen throughout Belgium in cities like Antwerp, Mechelen, and Boom.  You might have even seen some of his pieces without recognising them!  He's done murals for King Kong Coffee in Hasselt and designs on the window of Avenue sneaker store in Antwerp.  Murals of his are continuing to pop up around different cities in Belgium and he has also done exhibits in cities around Europe like London.

While many of his larger pieces are commissioned, he also has prints, teeshirts, and other miscellaneous objects available for purchase here.

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