Tim by Wim

We all know the famous tattooed pigs by Wim Delvoye. But did you know that Wim also tattoeed Tim? This 32-year old Zurich man is the only person in the world tattooed with an original Delvoye drawing. Although the tattooing started with the pigs, it was always Delvoye’s goal to realise the same on a human back and hence stretch the boundaries of the acceptable to the maximum!

The tattoo on Tim Steiner’s back was recently bought by a German art collector for €150,000 in a deal coordinated by the Zurich gallery De Pury & Luxembourg. Not only the gallery and artist but also Tim took a cut of the money. In return Steiner is required to exhibit the work three times a year in public and private shows.

The sale agreement extends further, stating that after Steiner’s death the tattoo and its skin canvas will revert to the new owner, contemporary art collector Rik Reinking. Turning the young man into a work of art! Sociologically it's interesting: donating organs to save a life is legal and noble. Mixed with art the gesture lose its usefulness but sets an example. Delvoye manages to put his finger on a glitch in the system.

Steiner’s tattoo of the Madonna surrounded by Asian and African ritual symbols began as part of an art performance piece in 2006 and was completed in 2008. We don't have any problem with donating our flesh for an original Delvoye! We would love a Beauty and the Beast tattoo...
 images copyright Studio Wim Delvoye

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