Tim Coppens FW 11/12

Tim who a lot of people will say? Yes, Tim Coppens hasn't been splashed all over the media yet. This talented boy has always worked behind the scenes of fashion houses. He was born in Belgium and graduated from the internationally acclaimed Fashion Academy in Antwerp in 1998. After graduating, he moved to Munich to design for Bogner, the German sporty chic fashion house. In 2004 he joined the Adidas headquarters in Germany to lead the conceptual development of their high-end men’s performance.

Coppens moved to New York in 2008 when Ralph Lauren recruited him as design director for RLX, Ralph Lauren's luxury performance line which he helped transform into one of the most fashion forward concept brands within the line.

But now it's time for him to be in the spotlight launching his own menswear line. It can be characterized by graphic tailoring woven into classic pieces. He elegantly fuses functionality, derived from his technical-inspired background, within his designer pieces. His Belgian training as a classic fashion designer, his exposure to the most innovative technical apparel as well as his passion for athleticism make a unique combination that forms the stylistic foundation of Tim Coppens. The fact that this first fall collection was immediately picked up by Barneys says it all.

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