Tamara Van San

Working with materials ranging from ceramics to synthetic gypsum to fiberglass, the one thing to expect from Belgian artist Tamara Van San is the unexpected.

She has created works such as "Pink Space," bright pink and red pigment splattered onto a stone ground, and "Blue Balls," three large ceramic spheres painted periwinkle. Her 2011 work, "Baobab Sky" looks almost like a jungle of large neon Silly String overgrown and consuming the exhibition space. 2010's "The Wandering Tuba Method" seems like it's pink balloons are about to burst with a loud brass wail at any moment.

As a girl, Van San longed to be an astronaut, however in high school (perhaps realizing you don't always need a spacesuit to reach the cosmos- sometimes a paint brush will do) decided to become an artist. After high school she attended the Sint Lucas art school in Antwerp and is now constantly creating. Her most recent work, the Rock series, is a collection of glazed ceramics seemingly inspired by the Greek mythology of Sisyphus, the violent Planctae (wandering rocks) and that feeling of being pulled fully into the present. 

At every Van San exhibition one can't help but walk further into the space in anticipation of what they might discover next. Her work is more about the feelings an art piece evokes rather than what is being represented. As she explained in an interview with blogger Hilde Van Canneyt, "the less you understand, the better." 

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