Tabula Rasa by Benoît Police

According to Wikipedia, tabula rasa is the idea that individuals are born with built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. Transforming this idea in an artwork, the French born but Brussels based artist Benoît Police extended an ordinary wooden table into a tabula rasa.

Partially reconstituted puzzles illustrate vernacular architectures: country cottages, barns, mills… These fragments serve as lost memories, in the process of reconstruction. A memory that lost it's details: the landscape is taken over by the pattern of the veneer.  Seeing the puzzle as an integral part of a built-in content, the detail is encrusted within the existing object.

This work of Benoît Police shows the reoccurring interest in the notion of displacement. Here ideas are not born out of the blue but are gradually woven via a set of relations between different elements. It is this permanent coming and going that forces him to question daily life.

The table is the first out of a series. The I Love Belgium-team will keep you updated about this silent but extremely beautiful idea.

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