Sympathy for the Devil

No, we're not talking about the Rolling Stones, nothing Belgian about them! The Vanhaerents Art Collection on the other hand... This private contemporary art collection, located in a former industrial building in the heart of Brussels, presents ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, as well as the exhibition ‘David Altmejd – Colossi’. Why are we talking about it? Because for the first times it's open to the public.

For this second group exhibition curators Walter Vanhaerents and Pierre-Olivier Rollin have chosen the title of a rock song : ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ the first track on the Rolling Stones album ‘Beggars Banquet’. The exhibition contains works of Walter Vanhaerents’ vast art collection. Each of them are linked in one way or the other to prominent ideas in the song : the fascinating beauty of evil, the attraction of moral or psychological hell, death and danger as a celebration of life, extreme and transgressive behaviour, aggressive plastic expressions and a pronounced tendency towards sexuality. Some loaned works complete this exceptional and consistent selection.

Next to that, you'll be able to enjoy David Altmejd's monumental mirror sculptures. These six giants were first exhibited at the opening of the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. They were designed as classically-inspired colossi. Later on they became part of the Vanhaerents Art Collection. So if you want to be electrified by Belgians biggest and best private collection: start planning your visit here!

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