Sustainable Trash at Harlan Levey Projects

You've always dreamed about a world filled with molested toys, playful installations, colourful filth and plastic galore? It the answer is yes, then it's time to pay a visit to the Harlan Levey Gallery in Brussels. You'll enter the world of German artist Stefan Gross who sees himself as a sort of scientist setting out to transform both material and immaterial cultural waste.

The exhibition, ‘Sustainable Trash,’ is influenced from the ten years that Stefan spent to become a Stain Glass master and the notions of color and material he continues to explore. Toys in particular become a theme, as Stefan fills them with human organs, laughs at death and creates new possibilities for play, sometimes even managing to alter these objects expressions.

“The world is a serious place these days. This is the problem that I try to solve with my work”. And solving he did! when the I Love Belgium left the exhibition we felt like kids again! Or how Stefan succeeds to recreate a familiar world in a wondrous new way.

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