The Superhero Project

Are you a superhero? Around the age of 12, we all were: making capes out of father's oversized shirt and a mask out of mom's panties, ready to save the world in a quirky fashionable way. If you missed out on this childhood experience then American artist Abner Preis gives you an opportunity to relive childhood with his Superhero Project at Parcours Modo Brussels.

Being the odd one out at the Parcours Modo, Preis presents the masked superhero as the ultimate expression of fashion’s power to transform and of the concealed face as a symbol of personal freedom. Taking his latest and perhaps most militant project to the streets, he touches issues of freedom, fantasy and ways to save the world.

As Fashion Curator and Journalist Hettie Judah explains: “Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne all understood the power of dressing right; passing unsuspected in daily life, their masquerade gave them liberty to express a side of their selves that was unconventional and even transgressive. The Superhero Project allows ‘ordinary’ citizens access to the liberty of free expression that comes from wearing a mask, and, by extension the transformative power of fashion.”

During the Parcours Modo Abner Preis will show work from previous Superhero performances, as well as public performances and tours around the Parcours, where the visitors dress up as superheroes. A feverish appearance by an artist known for thrilling the art world by drawing comparisons with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Beuys.

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Go Go Team Superhero!

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