Summer Sandals

It's 20 °C (68 °F) in Belgium, so people are getting in an early summer mood. BBQ's are planned, terraces are packed and ice cream parlors make fortunes. And of course people dress alike. Summer dresses, shorts and...summer sandals.

Sandals don't always have a stylish connotation but we're sure you'll want to strut around town in these beauties by Ferragamo. Ferragamo, that's Italian! Hear Hear, we know, but who's behind the shoe collection? Yes, a young Belgian designer called Joeri Van Yper.

Joeri graduated in 2008 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in the fashion department with his collection Frozen, Overexposed stars in which his shoes were an instant success. As you can see on our tile picture right-corner, taken backstage by Sonny Vandevelde. You can check his whole graduation collection on our Facebook fan page.

After internships at Proenza Schouler in New York (he's the guy who's embroidering the leather gloves in the documentary about Proenza Schouler 'The Day Before') and Lanvin in Paris (where he also did the shoe collection), he got an offer from the iconic Italian designer house. He left 'party Paris' behind and settled down in the beautiful Florence where all the Ferragamo magic is happening. "The fantastic thing about being in Florence is the fact that the design studio is very close to the workshop so it's really easy to make prototypes and to try out design ideas," Joeri says.

Nowadays Joeri is living la dolce vita in one of Italy's most beautiful towns satisfying women all over the world with strapped sandals, sky high pumps and towering wedges. The I Love Belgium team loves the colors in his SS12 collection. Very art nouveau reminiscing a Gustav Klimt or even Toulouse-Lautrec color palette. We're sure that every woman would like to take an evening walk in the sunset in one of his colorful designs.

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