Suitcase Love

What happens with an empty suitcase? Option number 1: you'll throw it somewhere in a dark corner of a room and let it gather some dust. Option number 2: you reinvent it into a multifunctional desirable and stackable design object. That's exactly what designer Maarten De Ceulaer did for his Design Academy graduation project four years ago. Today he continues " The Leather Collection" with brand new edition titled "Chest of Suitcases".

After his more "traditional" way of stacking, Maarten looked into a new way to rethink these home items in various configurations. In Milan he showcased a range of new storage furniture which could easily transform from a playful storage pile into a nicely stacked line of suitcases. Soft hues and the high end leather immediately set the tone for the luxurious touch and feel.

If you would, you could decorate your interior with Maarten's re-imagined wardrobe and low table of suitcases, (writing) desk and bench of briefcases, bedside piles, chests and even a mirror. On the other hand, you're interior could become quite a surrealist place. But isn't that one of the Belgian cornerstones? The I Love Belgium team just wonders with what other variation Maarten will come up with...

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