Studio Job presents "Detour"

While exploring the crossroads of art and design through novel materials, creators at Studio Job have once again set to wow audiences at their latest exhibit, appropriately entitled "Detour." This highway-maintenance themed furniture collection caught our eye as a clever way of walking the tight rope between design and art.

By mixing materials like bronze and glass and combining them with colorful marble, the designers were able to evoke a sense of artistic expression in a minimalist setting. The exhibition features pieces which at first look resemble a marble traffic cone, bronze warning lights and various construction tools. Upon closer inspection, you notice that each piece serves the practical functions of a lamp stand, table and shelving unit.

Somewhere between its aesthetic appeal and practical use, the collection strikes us as the perfect mix of expressive use in modern furniture design. Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, the duo behind Studio Job, designed the six pieces for Swiss company stonetouCH. They chose to work with rich marble as a stimulus to explore a 'minimal' or 'rational' approach. The combination of minimalism in material use and intricacy of the project's theme give way to a collection that the I Love Belgium team instantly fell in love with. Detour will be available for viewing at Design Miami/Basel from June 17 until June 22 at the Messe Basel exhibition center in Switzerland.

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