Street Photography by Artur Eranosian

Artur Eranosian moved from an unstable Armenia to quite, rural Belgium. Yet his life only really changed seven years later when he was watching a documentary about legendary street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The simplicity of walking around and taking pictures triggered Artur to carry his camera everywhere he went!

Today, 22 years of age, Artur still feels the rush when making pictures on the street. Almost invisible for others, Artur knows how to capture the beauty of details, compositions and commonness. 'Being invisible is the most important factor' explains Artur 'never make eye-contact otherwise people change behaviour, therefore thinks must happen in the blink of an eye'.

The best way to handle street photography? Artur strongly believes in the right expectations and persistence. 'Don't start believing you'll make the picture of the year when stepping out the door. A great picture can happen in 5 months or 5 seconds'. According to Artur  it also helps to live in Belgium. 'It's like walking in a Magritte painting! You never know what to expect'. And his love for traditional fairs and parades is regularly fulfilled as Belgian towns and villages keep traditions alive!

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