Storytelling Art

Once in a while the I Love Belgium mailbox receives some excellent Belgian creativity! This was also the case when Tournai based illustrator Stéphanie Maton contacted us to showcase her work. We immediately fell in love with here drawings and the stories behind them. Centred around individualism and the conformity which reigns our society, her work perfectly represent contemporary conceptual illustrations!

Currently, Stéphanie is working on a project called "Singularity" which makes reference to Technoscience and its concept of technological evolution where the human civilization will know a technological growth sustained and made durable by material (non-human) networks.. This project translates into 50 drawings of anonymous people who take refuge in technology.

Another project, named "The world of Silence" is a reflection on the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm. While other illustration projects speak about themes such as the consumption in our society and how we are subjected to the products that we are imposed. Does this mean that Stéphanie is only doing research based illustrations? No, on her site you'll also find an innocent story about love and a quirky christmas card.

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