Statuesque flowers

For those city dwellers - like me and probably you - who use the urban space on a daily base it's quite a normal thing to see statues dotted around the city. But do you pay notice to whom or what they represent? Let's be honest, we don't have a clue or we have a (very) vague idea. That's why Brussels based florarl artist Geoffrey Mottart decided to put them in a different spotlight.

The idea was simple yet brilliant: replace the cast-iron hairdos with floral pieces. This does not only inject some necessary colour into the grey city environment but also turns heads. As a result you look twice and wonder who the person embellished with floral beauty actually is.

So how does Geoffrey prepare this?  After making a mould which covers the statue's hairdo, he starts glueing up to 1200 flowers onto it. The biggest part of this work is prepared in his workshop, while the other part is an on-location finishing. Resulting  into surprising conversations with locals and tourists alike.

We suggest you take a stroll in one of the many Brussels parks and maybe you'll spot a Mottart head on one of the many statues and we guarantee you this: it will turn a smile on your face!

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