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Sports Hall Transparency

The sports hall: a place for people who don’t have access to any other recreational facility than neighbouring squares and streets. So it’s quite the task for any architecture agency to create the perfect welcoming place. Brussels-based O2 architects tried to share this idea by blurring the boundaries between public and private spaces.

How did they do it? They started with questioning the clear boundaries that exists within the homogeneous and continuous building frontage. So they decided to respect this with a perforated metal cladded courtyard which acts like a big screen that gradually opens up and reveals the new partially public spaces. The large fold-able gate creates a welcoming entrance while transforming in a porch roof for the façade. 

Keeping in mind this open building concept, the second façade exists out of translucent polyester, which allows the maximum of natural light to penetrate the building. Creating the same look and feel from the inside as for the outside while visually linking the front semi-public space to the rear open space. The green outside space provides a climbing wall. Who wouldn’t want to see that building while climbing to the top!

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