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Sonkes Opticien: an optician dream

On Rue de Namur 95 in Brussels you will find 55 square meters of the finest glasses accompanied with the finest interior.

Lionel Sonkes is a Belgian optician and designer of spectacles. Mr Sonkes has been in the business of designing glasses for over 20 years and has today his name on a small boutique on Rue de Namur in Brussels. His glasses are characterized by bold-design and colors, and one certainly needs enough amount of confidence to wear them. The shop offers both tailor-made spectacles from the own brand Sonkes but you can also find glasses from famous brands such as Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight, Oliver Goldsmith and Retrospecs among others. These brands are carefully selected to fit in with the identity of the shop.

The intimate shop has recently been refurbished by the Belgian architect-firm Nicolas Schuybroek Architects and interior designer Marc Merckx. The store stood finished in January 2014 and is a true masterpiece with a mix of simplicity and contemporary luxury as main characteristics. Even though the size of the shop (55 square meters) is tiny, the feeling you get inside is not claustrophobia but very enjoyable, much thanks to the big windows letting natural light in.

One of the main features used in the shop is the marvelous Carrera marble. It’s used both together with glass shelves displaying the glasses in the best possible way, and also for the tables. To contrast the marble, wood is a very present materiel of the shop as well, with a beautiful brushed oak covering the walls. The exterior is simplicity at its best: huge glass-windows together with a solid black and grey color combination. Whenever you’re strolling the streets of Brussels in the future, keep Rue de Namur 95 in your mind – whether you’re looking for glasses or not.

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