The Solution to Every Little Problem

Have you ever found yourself helplessly sobbing into your container of Chinese takeout because you don't quite know how to use chopsticks and you have no silverware because you just moved into a new apartment?  No?  Well maybe it's just me, but that whole elaborate scenario would never have happened if I had this collection of DIY books.  

Part of a ten piece set, the third edition of How to make it without Ikea was just released.  Produced entirely in Brussels with the help of Rosi and Huishut, this encyclopedia of easy solutions to everyday problems that we really shouldn't have trouble with, is hilariously useful.  Some of the ideas are a little obvious, like running your fingers through your hair instead of using a comb; while some others are pretty creative, like using a palette a mattress support or using the backs of scissors with an electric drill as a makeshift electric whisk.  The second one gets a little dangerous, but we can see where they were going with it.  The books aim to prove how society can be creative and resourceful without realising it.

The whole project is non profit and is eco-friendly as well.  The paper is mostly reclaimed, they print using soy based ink, and they deliver by bike.  The cost of the book is only the cost of the fabrication plus whatever the vendor chooses to price the book at.  It's a great gift idea and you should probably keep one for yourself in case you find yourself in the same chopstick predicament.

For more information you can visit their website here.

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