Sometimes you find a brand that created a world so sublime that you will lose yourself in it. Soki's such a brand! Although it's not strictly a jewellery brand,  graphic design office, event organization or artistic platform, Soki handles all things in between.

The creative brains behind the brand are two architects: Sofie Deboutte and Christine Loos. Studying together at Sint-Lucas Ghent they noticed how much they were attracted to similar believes and aesthetics. Working together intuitively and harmoniously resulted into the existence of their own designstudio. Instead of focussing on a particular field, they opened up the Soki universe by working with contemporary concepts. These range from objects such as jewellery to spacial concepts for living.

The office, based in Ghent, inspires itself by the everyday. Their look upon our world results in sober and pure object, going against the pace of fashion. Objects which celebrate life, ooze preciousness and recall memories. Surely that's one of the reasons why their graphic work for baby announcements are so in demand. The I Love Belgium team specially loves the glass cloud bulbs for baby girl Olivia.

And yes, these girls handle it all: going form the abstract idea till the production and presentation. Like this, they pursue an uniformity while having the personal approach each individual customer deserves. Talk about creative professionalism at it's best! The I Love Belgium team made a small selection, discover even more of the Soki Universe on their dreamy blog.

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