Sofie Lachaert & Luc d'Hanis for Droog

Droog design is a true Dutch design institute. But here at I Love Belgium, we focus on the creative Belgian input! Therefore we made a small selection of designer duo Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis for Droog. Although working 20 years together, it's only since 2006 that the Dutch cult brand picked up their designs.

'Sharing’ is the thread which runs through their work: from one chair for two people, jewellery with a double use, a two-part bottle, coins with an extra value... to a secret invitation to share a bed. Both their jewellery and objects, and their installations and furniture interrogate the boundaries between design and the visual arts.

With small, subtle interventions Luc and Sofie give everyday objects a new significance. To show you this, I Love Belgium selected 3 object form the Droog catalogue that shows this concept.

Let's start with their latest project:the revived handkerchiefs. These were saved from liquidations sales and other leftover to be revived for the 2010 Design week in Milano. Here, the existing peaceful flowery print is hit with the sombre reality of war children, loosing all its innocence. With every purchase, € 4,- goes towards War Child programmes to strengthen the resilience of children in (post) war areas.

Moving away from harsh reality, we meet a twisted reality. Here porcelain platters meet reflective object. In other words: distorted drawings of precious birds  become perfectly reflected on the bottles or cups. The awareness of the birds’ potential extinction emerges only when objects are carefully aligned as a pair. Aesthetics with a message!

We end with the oldest Droog object. A container for sugar cubes or an ironic reference to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Why Not Sneeze Rose Sélavy?’ Duchamp raised consumer items to pieces of art. Lachaert and d’Hanis respond by bringing the piece back for use.

Do you want to see more? Sofie Lachaert has two galleries: one in the historic city centre of Ghent, the other in the small village of Tielrode. The last one has a B&B filled with great designer pieces!

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