Skinny Skyscrapers

For our 500th blogpost, the I Love Belgium team decided to give you what you love the most: surrealist topics! Although what we're going to show may remind you of the Fictions series by Filip Dujardin, photographer Xavier Delory's Urban Forms series takes a whole different approach!

Xavier's photography and photoshop work is a study on how European cities have undergone a drastic change over the last 50 years. This intriguing, on-going series is called Urban Forms. Within these works you have several chapters, the I Love Belgium team puts a focus on the 'barre d'ilot' chapter.

Here Brussels skyscrapers (the clustered ones a the north-station) take center stage. They serve as a reflection on the urban block, the framework of the historic city, its break-up and its replacement by residential and office towers. As a result these paper-thin skyscraper sare a "symbol of vanity and fragility" and are meant to be a critique on modern architecture. Thought-provoking and as Belgian-surrealist as can be. We love it and hope you'll enjoy it!

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