Sinaï Brings Tradition to the Contemporary

Often times, modern design's minimalist aesthetic can feel very cold.  The combination of industrial materials and sharp lines can make a room feel a little unwelcoming.  Whatever happened to the wonderfully awkward charm and warmth of our grandmother's house?  Luckily, you can now bring that same charm back with a style that blends perfectly with the lines and open space of today's furniture.  In Charlotte Lancelot's newest collection for Gan, Silaï, traditional techniques are brought together with contemporary colours and styles to create a line of warm, welcoming rugs, cushions, poufs, and tables.

Just like your favourite quilt your grandmother knitted for you, Lancelot handcrafted pieces incorporate a variety of patterns into a quilted style of plush furniture pieces.  The oversized stitching make them feel as welcoming as ever, while the light colour palettes, carefully selected by Annick Oth, stand out beautifully in natural light and bring a subtle pop to a room.  The pieces are just as versatile together as they are alone.  Use one or two cushions as an accent on your sofa or turn a room into a cozy blend of pastel colours and classic patterns.  Whether your taste is a little more funky or traditional, you will be sure to find a great use for any of the pieces.

Aside from the more plush parts of the collection, Lancelot's collection also features a low standing table to go with the poufs.  These tables incorporate the same detail and care as the rest of the collection.  A faint geometric pattern is routed across part of the surface that reveals itself when the light hits it correctly.  While you might not be able to see the pattern, one touch is all you need to remind you of the delicate care Lancelot has taken to produce some of the most subtly beautiful and functional pieces we've seen yet.

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