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Simply Abstract

Abstraction is used to stretch the realm of what is possible to represent in art. It can capture large ideas through what you feel rather than what you have studied. And of course, sometimes it just aims to be exactly what it is: a piece of art that brings your attention to colors, shapes and line.

Since abstract art breaks away from anything real, its possibilities are endless. It’s no wonder that abstraction played such a large role in modern art, especially post World War II when the world was looking to revolutionize itself. It was only natural that Belgians left their own legacy. Presenting our very own geometric abstraction superstar: Leon Wuidar.

After studying and teaching at L’Academie des Beaux-Arts de Liege, Wuidar became very interested in architecture. In particular, Charles Vandenhoven’s buildings. Vandenhoven’s mix of fluid and geometric shapes inspired Wuidar. This shows through the structured style of Wuidar’s work. Except Wuidar mixes organic bends, straight intersecting lines, and rigid shapes to depict a beautiful simplicity. Combine his use of form with vivid colors, and you get a bright and orderly product that is impossible to ignore. Wuidar’s work spans from paintings to drawings and even public art pieces, that way everyone can access his work freely even outside of the museum.

Wuidar’s pieces are full of precision and discipline, but its sense of order creates harmonizing peace.

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