The Shadow Master

Put linguistic games and the intelligent use of light together and you end up with the work of artist Fred Eerdekens. He mastered the art of twisting and turning materials in such a way that they directly communicate an idea towards the spectator.

Fred is known as a creator of projected images through the use of shadows. Therefore art critics like to translate his works into "Shadow images of significant language". Because Fred is a visual artist who makes objects and/or situations that in turn transform their shadow-images into their “own” language – placing a word or phrase on display at the edge of a table, or on the wall or floor, making them much more than mere commentary.

His works fully participate in the lenghty discussion about where we have to go and what we have to do to find meaning in language, not to mention the particular language we often find in art.

Is the meaning of a word in the word itself or in its surroundings? Fred’s works suggest that both answers are viable, and, even more contradictorily, both are viable precisely because they exist simultaneously. … Language is inside and outside of Fred’s work all at once, without simple resolution.  Beautiful, isn't it? Fred just showed us how shadows can perfectly deconnect from the dark image they are deemed to pursue!

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