Seaside Apartment by Doorzon

Seaside apartments in Belgium: imagine a mix of 80's and 90's leftover furniture with an Ikea Lack table next to it. Unless you go to the posh seaside village of Knokke where country chic royal warranty holder Flamant rules the waves. In Duinbergen, the more residential part of Knokke, you'll find an apartment refurbished by interior architecture office Doorzon, breaking these clichés.

Starting with an efficient yet characterless volume, the architects added some soul working with the constant changing seaside light. How? Smart material use. A mirror door divides the space  into two volumes: the intimate and public one. Two volumes which have one thing in common: white marble. Even in the bedroom, the custom-made carpet shows a marble drawing giving a comfy feeling in the morning while keeping the design aesthetic.

Instead of  becoming an icy white marble palace, the architects added enough elements such as ebony wood, silk curtains and ground-to-ceiling prints to keep the place warm. A perfect example is the open kitchen which shows itself when the panel door opens up, giving a splash of seaside-blue to the room. Yes, the I Love Belgium team wants to spend their seaside weekends here!

Pictures by Frederik Vercruysse

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