Saint Rita by TVDV

Photographer Tim Van de Velde (aka TVDV) contacted the I Love Belgium team with fresh photography material! And guess what? We immediately fell in love with Tim's photography of this modernist classic of Belgian architecture. The Saint Rita church, designed by architects Léon Stynen & Paul Demeyer, is captured in all it's glory. Tim even supplied us with "Ceiling of the day" material!

Built in 1961, this example of 'subtle brutalism' still turns heads in the provincial town of Harelbeke. From designing to finishing the church took seven years in which an answer had to be found to the concrete construction. The fine, smooth design of the walls had to be re-engineerd by concrete expert and professor André Paduart. This to preserve the intended lightness of the original plans. On the inside, the church had to be an austere space. A 'tent for God in the midst of his people' according to Stynen, who kept in mind the Second Vatican Council. On the inside everything is still found according to the original design. The altar, organ, confession boxes, benches are all designed in the same modernist philosophy.

Intended as a hommage to Le Corbusier, the church still inspires numerous believers and non-believers. And thanks to Tim's captivating powers, this architectural gem will inspire many more!

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